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Dýrðin, Dýrðin, Dirrindí.


The high point of DesignMarch 2012 in The Nordic House is a seminar and the exhibition Dýrðin, Dýrðin Dirrindí.

The seminar will be held in the conference hall of The Nordic House on Saturday, March 24, from 12:00 to 14:00 (12 PM to 2 PM), when the exhibition Dýrðin, Dýrðin Dirrindí will be opened.

The Nordic House, in cooperation with The Icelandic Association of Landscape Architects and Iceland Design Centre, arranged a competition for the best idea on landscaping of the area around The Nordic House. The goal was to get realistic and exciting ideas on the design and content of this unique area. Vatnsmýrin in the centre of Reykjavík could offer great possibilities of diversified outdoor experiences and joy all year round to the whole family.

The seminar is a joint arrangement by The Icelandic Association of Landscape Architects and the Nordic house, where we discuss the topic: In what kind of cities and towns do we want to live?

The agenda of Dýrðin, Dýrðin Dirrindí is as follows:



The exhibition will be open daily from March 24 to April 18 during the opening hours of The Nordic house.

A guided exhibition tour of Dýrðin, Dýrðin Dirrindí

Sunday March 25 from 14:00 to 16.10 (2PM to 4:10PM) a guided tour of the exhibition will be arranged, where the authors of the winning propositions present the ideas behind their works.

The exhibition is curated by Ms. Tinna Ottesen.