10.9.2013 Exhibition Events : My Culture, My Roots

Children's exhibition about cultural identity in the Nordic Countries. Participating countries are Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Finland. The exhibition stands from 20th September until 27th September in the children's library of the Nordic House.

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4.6.2010 Library : New Finnish books

The Finnish series of books about the brothers Tatu and Patu is very popular in Finnland. In the book Tatun ja Patun oudot aakkoset children learn about the alphabet. We also recommend the books about the sisters Heinähattu and Vilttitossu. For all interested in comicbooks we have new Finnish ones: Eero by Petteri Tikkanen, Jupu: baarien nainen by Johanna Tolonen and Minerva: Jääkarhun sydän by Juba.

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21.10.2009 Library : Cookbooks for children and teenagers

New Danish cookbooks, Prinsesse- kogebogen, Børn i køkkenet, Heibergs vilde dessertcirkus and Mad uden mor, for children and teenagers are now available at the Nordic House library. The books offer fun for both children and parents.

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21.8.2009 Library : Library